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Elvégezzük céged teljeskörű online marketing auditálását és kialakítjuk komplex online marketing stratégiádat!

Keresőoptimalizálás, közösségi média marketing, CPC hirdetések, PR megjelenések - kéz a kézben.

Veled együtt találjuk meg a kiaknázatlan lehetőségeket, hogy ne kelljen többé vaktában lövöldöznöd!

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When it comes to onlinee marketing counseling, we deal with: search engine optimization, AdWords counseling, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Marketing Professzorok

When should you NOT request a price quote (and when SHOULD you)?

If you would like to have an online marketing strategy that generates success (business, customers, etc.) then all you have to do is read this page! While this website is not the website of Marketing Professzorok (our online marketing agency), as founder I would like to briefly present the essence of our work.


When should you NOT request a price quote and why?

If you’d only like request a price quote for any ONE of the following services, then you shouldn’t do so:


  • Search engine optimization
  • SMM, a.k.a. social media marketing (the management of Facebook, Instagram, etc. pages)
  • Content marketing, writing marketing copies
  • AdWords campaign optimization
  • Facebook campaign planning, execution and optimization
  • Link building
  • Website building


I get several requests like: “please help me optimize my website for search engines” or “please manage our company’s Facebook page” and so on. We will NOT fulfill these requests!


But why not? After all, we’ve helped hundreds of companies with all of these and continue to do so even to this day. The reason we always decline these requests is because it is not professionally valid to take on a single AdWords campaign or a single Facebook page. We gladly offer these and many other services as parts of a detailed marketing strategy.


If you ask us to do an online marketing audit for your company, and – using our years of experience –tell you which aspects of your current marketing strategy need improvement according to the results of this audit, while also requesting our assistance in developing and executing a fresh strategy that is based on our findings, we are happy to help! Only by doing so can we ensure that you will be satisfied with us and with online marketing itself, since we will know for sure that this new strategy will generate business and bring the results you are looking for.


We do not insist on doing everything ourselves, but since in the world of online marketing everything is interconnected, we can only take on these partial tasks efficiently if we are familiar with the bigger picture in the first place. If you don’t do social media marketing, then you can never expect your search engine optimization to be successful, and without good SEO, the chances of creating an effective AdWords campaign all by itself are slim at best. Of course, none of this can work without constantly doing content marketing and link building either.


So when SHOULD you request for a quote?

Online Marketing Counseling

If you wish to attract more customers and generate new sales THEN you should definitely contact us! We start by doing a marketing audit, which covers your company’s full online marketing communication, including the currently used tools, resources and the work of those in charge of communication tasks. You then get a written reports of the results of this audit, and also a proposed marketing strategy, which documents every task, the estimated results and the necessary resources in detail. So, if you want more customers and conversions, request for a quote now!


Online Marketing Training, Conference and Presentation

We are happily willing to give a quote for presentations or online marketing training. We prefer giving presentations which provide complex knowledge about online marketing. These presentations are about making the most of the individual segments of complex online marketing strategies, but we also offer lectures that focus on more niche aspects as well. This could mean, for example, lectures about specific marketing tools (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). I regularly give lectures at national international conferences and universities, but I also offer these for companies as wel.

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