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Online Marketing Counseling

Online marketing holds real business potential for your enterprise. Why? Because the internet is currently the most significant source of information in the world. Online marketing is the most successful and most cost-efficient tool that you can reach your potential customers with.


That is our goal. We want you to be able to reach people who may not even be aware that they need your products or services!


We firmly believe – based on our experiences – that only complex online marketing can grant you real success. The tools we use are in such close correlation to each other that it would be impossible to reach real results just by using them individually.


How Can an Online Marketing Counselor Help You? The First Steps…

Our online marketing professionals analyze your enterprise’s current marketing strategy, and based on this analysis, they create a complete online marketing strategy. Your online marketing strategy will determine whether your enterprise will be the most visible online in your particular niche or industry, and how you can get your message through to your potential customers. This is not just for your website, we are talking about a complete online report.


This first step is doing an online audit and creating a new strategy, which we offer as a separate service as well. You can learn about it in more detail here: Online Marketing Audit & Strategy Development.


The Results of Online Marketing Counseling

It doesn’t matter what product or service you are trying to sell, even if it is something not legally promotable (e.g. prescription drugs), we will find a way to communicate the necessary information and incentives to your target audience.


Even better – we not only help you find the way to do so, but can also help you go through with this strategy. Our advisors will adapt to Your company’s rhythm and work towards Your goals!


Online Marketing Counseling Services

During my 15 years as a marketing specialist, I have learned a lot, especially from my clients. I’ve assisted more than 200 clients along their path to successful marketing communication and successful business. Most of the time it felt as if I wasn’t an advisor to these companies, and not even a marketing manager, but a partner.


They ask me for solutions to all business problems, and, since business is mostly driven by incoming orders, then they are right in doing so. I often rename enterprises, transform their product palettes, define new directions or replace people. This is much more than everyday online marketing or PR, and even more than what a marketing counselor or a marketing manager would do for a company. Still, I consider myself a marketing counselor, as for 20 years, the internet has been my second home. This is because the web is the source of all of my solutions, since it is the fastest-growing, and most cost-efficient media channel. So if you were to ask my clients about the essence of my services, they would say that I’m a partner, who doesn’t ask for dividends. But let’s see why this is the case:


Professional Marketing Manager for the price of a Beginner Marketer

I have lent these services to all sorts of enterprises from one-man undertakings to companies with thousands of people. Not alone, obviously, but with the help of my small team. During my 15 years of gathering both academic and practical experience, I have found many solutions. We combine these with the most recent ideas. As part of the service, I assemble a small group from my team who will be in charge of the work for your company. We take a close look to your activities, your current marketing efforts, and develop a marketing strategy that will guarantee a certain degree of improvement for your enterprise. We then discuss this strategy with you and the competent members of your company’s staff, then we start our work.


We are constantly in touch with you and during our regular meetings we present the current state of the project, discuss results and give advice on what steps to take in the upcoming cycle. You are given a team of marketing specialists with university diplomas, graphic designers with natural talents, programmers currently working on their doctorates and experienced management advisors. The price will be the most surprising of it all – ask for it here!


Website Content Management

The traffic of our own online portals exceed 1.5 million unique monthly visitors. This of course takes much more than just a few simple websites. It requires advanced search engine optimization, social media with hundreds of thousands of followers and all the administrative experience that we have gathered during the last 15 years. Apart from our own portals, we manage several of our clients’ websites on a daily basis. So, this is what you are getting: search engine optimization, copywriting, updates, social media posts on an advanced level. You can expect an immense bump in traffic – try it out now!


Social Media Marketing Management

As I’m writing this sentence, we just exceeded 1 million followers on Facebook, and our follower base keeps growing by the day. There are days when we get thousands of new followers. You can achieve such results as well, and we can help with that! Just think about how many people we can communicate your message to, and how many new followers we can gather for you! Did you know that the number of followers is only a part of the whole story? Do you ever wonder if people are actually talking about you on social media? We will! If you’d like your Facebook or Pinterest page to be handled by professionals, contact us now!

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