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Large enterprise marketing conseling, online PR, website development with the help of online marketing consultant Balázs Máté. Online marketing consultant - large-scale multinational and state enterprise specialsit Balázs Máté.

Marketing Professzorok

Online Marketing & PR counseling for medium and large-sized enterprises

GlaxoSmithKline medicine factory, the Hungarian Pandemic Association, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., OVIT Ltd., Junior Ltd., Abbott Pharmaceutical, Vista Travel Agencies, Bond Ltd., Nelson Fleet Leasing LLC, Currus Ltd., the media and entertainment industry, EGIS Ltd. etc. These are only a few examples of all the national and multinational enterprises which I have worked for and given counseling to.


While dealing with pharmaceutical, medical, financial and construction marketing, and also media services and shows, I have faced several different challenges and had to come up with different individualized solutions.


Large corporate tasks weren’t easy:

- How do I promote a product that is illegal to promote?
- There are only negative news about us and our products on the internet. How can I change that?
- I’d like to increase the traffic of our website tenfold, since you can sell anything on the internet.
- I only want to do Facebook campaigns and I want to get 20,000 new followers in a month. How do I do that?


Based on a briefing, or by integrating into the company, to gain a better understanding about the target audience, the task and the product itself, we develop complete online strategies. Either as an outsourced department or simply as advisors, we proactively work together with the company’s marketing, media or PR departments, to find the best and most effective methods for our clients to reach their customers.


We do research, give university lectures and conference presentations and apply this knowledge when dealing with the marketing of large enterprises

For 15 years, we’ve been doing research, publishing, educating and working in the field of online marketing. We gather our experience not only by browsing international and national literature, but also thanks to our own research department. If you are in need of professional online marketing advice, and the support of an enthusiastic team, contact us!

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