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We can create an online marketing strategy for your company! Discover which tools can help your company the most: search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing...

Marketing Professzorok

Online Marketing Audit and Strategy Development

An extensive online marketing audit and the planning of a one-year marketing strategy. It may sound like a lot at first, but this first step can be a decisive point leading to success or failure. If you don’t want anything to be left out, and you are planning to create a truly effective marketing strategy – and understand it right to its core – then you should leave it to the professionals.


As part of our service we analyze our clients’ current online presence and activity, then tailor a strategy that is easy to understand, even if a client has never dealt with marketing before.


Marketing Professzorok Ltd. – About Us

Marketing Professzorok Ltd. has a 15 year professional history in the field of marketing. These years have provided us and our partners with a great amount of experience. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality online marketing counseling, which provides measurable results when it comes to concrete numbers and conversions. Our marketing is based on science – during his research and lectures in Szent István University, our head counselor, Balázs Máté not only practices marketing, but he is also constantly researches its theoretical background as well.


Marketing Professzorok (MP) is a complex BTL communications agency, which acts as a fully functioning marketing department. Our specialties include search engine optimization, copywriting, managing AdWords and Facebook campaigns, website development, PR communications and many others. All activities are tied together by one of our marketing counselors, who visits the appointed clients on a regular basis to give a report about last month’s results, and to discuss next month’s strategy.


The amount of work needed to be taken care of by MP will depend on the results of the marketing audit in the first month and the following strategy planning. Naturally, when presenting the results of the audit we always try to be flexible and come up with a solution that is beneficial to our clients, according to their needs. This is where the necessary and the requested monthly ours are determined, as well as whether there is any need for our mediums, and if yes, which ones. We currently have 9 online newspapers, which have a total of 3 million monthly readers. We reach half of these readers via our 7 thematic Facebook pages by posting our articles, which greatly increases the amount of visitors and conversions on our websites. Our marketing strategy is based on a conversion-oriented approach.

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