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Small enterprise marketing department for your company, with a professional team of online marketing consultants!

Marketing Professzorok

Marketing counseling for small and micro enterprises

Small Enterprise Marketing is all about selling more – the rest are just empty words…

This is the set goal for most micro and small enterprises. But can your marketer accomplish this? Are marketing and your website aligned with your product/service? Or someone just “checks on it” occasionally? The answer is not exactly simple, but still very important. If you’d like to make real profit by capitalizing on all the opportunities offered by the internet, but you don’t want to assign a separate team for it, then we can be your marketing department!


I have set complete enterprises on the right path, armed with effective marketing strategies, or helped, and even saved some at the brink of total failure. Today, some of these companies are creating websites or offer marketing counseling, all professionally. But I’ve also seen companies that went bankrupt because they left their marketing tasks in the hands of an amateur. Which path would you take?


Marketing for Small Enterprises – Sale or Die

If you want a professional, up to date and loyal marketer, then you have to outsource this position. Yes, you read that right: loyal! This is a general problem for both micro and small enterprises: after learning the tricks of the trade (with the help of training courses paid for by the company), the in house marketer leaves in hopes of finding new opportunities (and a bigger paycheck). And so, these companies are back at square one – they have to find and hire someone new, who needs time to get familiar with the company, the products and who will probably need some training as well.


But why are we discussing smaller enterprises separately? The answer is in the name itself: these are small companies, and they don’t have much time to spare when it comes to developing a marketing campaign. Since the fate of these companies can be sealed in a month’s time, there really is no place for small talk. Sales and conversions are what keep these enterprises alive – our goal is ensuring your survival.


Marketing Counselor Balázs Máté and his Team: Your Marketers

We won’t change our minds and leave you – we’ve been here, doing marketing since 1998! We put our academic knowledge to practical use and apply it when dealing with our clients. We are always up to date, and work and “live” on the internet, studying channels like Facebook and Google on a daily basis. By choosing us, you’re not getting one expert only, but a whole team of specialists, and for less than what you’d pay for a single marketer. A team of people who since 1998, have been researching, applying and experiencing all that online marketing has to offer.


So, would you like to make your marketing more effective? Get yourself a team of marketing professionals, and forget the inevitable headache that amateurs would give you. Contact us, and let’s talk about how we can improve your company with the power of marketing! Sign up here!

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